The Tamboo Academy Personal transformation through art and ritual

The Tamboo Academy

Tamboo Academy is an umbrella organisation that covers a wide range of learning, teaching and practices in physical well-being, ecological responsibility, intimacy and interdependence, imagination and creativity, psychotherapeutic awareness and spiritual being.

The formal academic orientation of Archetypal or Image-based Psychotherapy is founded on the work of C.G. Jung, and as developed further by James Hillman and others.

The insights and practical methods developed in Shamanism, Kabbalah, Alchemy, Kadeisha and the Dionysian tradition, together with more contemporary psychological wisdom, are all used in a seamless synergy of conscious living.

The teachings of Tamboo and Radiant Images workshops incorporate some of the most challenging ideas and experiential work developed at this present stage of human consciousness.

If there was a ‘goal’, it might be ‘living with integrity’. Which is more of a journey. The integration of physical, emotional, intellectual and creative awareness would eventually develop to include basic practices such as Yoga or similar disciplines, social responsibility, and developing a dialogue with the divine.

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