Image-based Psychotherapy Two-year Study Courses

Studies in Archetypal Psychotherapy

Tamboo Institute offers structured two-year courses in Jungian and Archetypal (Imaginal) Psychotherapy, Conscious Body awareness and related studies in psychological consciousness.

The initial Foundation Course 2-year cycle (A1&A2) is open for students who have completed the foundation workshop cycle and who wish to continue and deepen their studies. This course is complete in itself and offers a solid and comprehensive basic training in the teachings of general psychology, the application of Jungian practice and an introduction to Archetypal perspectives. There is no A1 course starting in 2021. A new course will begin in 2023.

Details of the A1 and A2 study course, and the subjects covered, can be seen here.

The Intermediate Course (A3&A4) is a further study programme that follows the Foundation Course. This is open to those students who wish to take their learning and practices to the next level and for whom additional studies are appropriate. For access into this course, a certain academic ability and creativity is important but does not guarantee admission. An aptitude and willingness to explore psychological images and emotions in a personal and direct manner would also be necessary, as we journey with confidence for the expression of the original self.

The Practitioner Course (A5&A6) is for committed scholars in depth psychology, archetypal philosophy, body wisdom, ancient and modern mythology, religious studies and techniques, literature, art and creativity, poetry and more. By this stage, students have completed demanding post-graduate level studies and succeeded in personal psychic transformations on their path of consciousness. They have studied complex texts, written essays and delivered papers on some of the most challenging ideas and subjects that students of human knowledge can explore. Now the love of the work and the spontaneous images of the soul are the guide into the wide-ranging further studies. 

Additional and on-going specialised one-off study and learning courses are offered for colleagues, practitioners and therapists. These are offered under the banner of the THERAPEIA courses and retreats and pilgrimages in various places in the world.

Training as an Archetypal Psychotherapist. On successful completion of the initial two-year course, together with the other requirements, some students might be interested enough to want to follow a more dedicated path towards a basic individual therapy. However, people study for different reasons. For most who study, the courses are undertaken for the studies themselves and the wide range of the learning and for the student’s own emotional and creative development. For others, it is the additional desire to become a practising psychotherapist. For this latter group, at the end of the second year of study, a suitable student would be supported in understanding the specific demands of a practice as an Archetypal or Soul-based Therapist. At some later time, these trainee-therapists would be supervised in beginning therapy with patients. The review and oversight of this work, based on the interactions with their patients, and on written reports, with all the processes that arise within this practice, will form part of continuing work that includes mentoring, evaluation and support, with the trainee-therapist continuing with further study, practice and learning.

The Foundation course starts in February and runs through to December in each year. The first assignment and the basic material for that assignment will be made available by December of the preceding year. The actual dates and details of the lectures and group meetings can be found on the calendar.

If you are interested in joining the next group and feel you can make the commitments required, please contact us to discuss details further.

The Intermediate course builds on the theoria and praxis of Archetypal philosophy already established. This course is open to those students who have the right aptitude and ability for further studies and experience. The details of the A3 & A4 ‘Initiation’ course are discussed with students on completion of their A2 course.

For more information about this, please contact us. And remember to check the level of your sense of humour from time to time. It’s the oil in the vehicle of life.