impossible love

The problem, you will agree, is that it’s ‘impossible’.. Hillman gives examples.. embarrassing situations, awkward connections, threesomes, the most usual triangle problem, no resolve is possible on this plane..

The point, as he carefully adumbrates in Myth of Analysis, is to lead to a love of and opening to images and integrating new material.. living mythically is it? Soulfully?

The journey he leads in Myth of Analysis (pt 1).. soul and desire (the story of psyche and Eros).. anima awakens (p52,p53).. eros (p61,63,64).. psyche, not aphrodite (p68,69).. more than erotic (p71).. psyche awakening depends on eros (p78).. is actually lived into and felt (p79).. pan (panic and erotic compulsion) saves psyche (p81).. erotic ‘destructiveness’ is essential (p83).. born in blood, not in dreamy reflection (p85).. enter the imaginal (p86).. a ‘real’ marriage and withdrawing projections (p87).. love of soul and involvement (p90).. ‘impossible love’ makes psyche (p92).. loss of primordial love, suffering and the creative (p95).. educating and interiorizing (p97,98).. eros and chaos (p98).. genuine change (p100,101).. beauty (p101).. the birth of their child, pleasure (p10).., desire is holy (p106).. impossible love makes psyche.

It should be impossible! It’s from the gods, not limited, human.. it leads to the birth of their child: (holy) pleasure..