More than ½ million people ‘like’ @whatstrending so they could learn that: 

a pastor shouted at children that santa isn’t real;
tupac shakur’s ex wants $7500- for a photo of his penis;
a prankster pretended to get his head stuck in a microwave;
there is restaurant themed around toilets and you eat from a potty-shaped plate;
a sad woman got engaged to a chandelier (photos of her kissing);
a porn star committed suicide after she got criticised (photo of not-real breasts);
ryan reynolds will play in a pokemon movie (how do you feel about this?);
an unknown man saved a rabbit from a fire (he ‘gained notoriety’ although they mean it in good way);
ultra violet is the colour of the year (what colour were you feeling this year?);
someone made a snowman which melted but then it re-froze (which apparently is ‘creepy’)’

All that on only the opening page of only one of dozens of ‘trending’ sites.

So while fascism is again on the rise, global warming appears irreversible, the 1% actually owns 95% of the world, millions are dying of hunger, slavery is alive and kicking, drones and suicide vests are killing equally indiscriminately, we trust those 600,000 individuals will use their new found knowledge to make the world a better place. 

‘The child archetype is by nature apolitical and disempowered  – it has no connection with the political world.’

James Hillman, We’ve had a Hundred Years of Psychotherapy and the World’s Getting Worse. p6