The Tamboo Academy / Radiant Images Workshops 2017 Calendar

img_5060Tamboo Academy & Radiant Images Workshops

2017 Calendar

Courses and workshops are offered in Knysna, Cape Town, Johannesburg and elsewhere. Foundation workshops are entry-level courses suitable for curious beginners and advanced students. Intermediate and Practitioner workshops have entry requirements. Foundation workshops are indicated with *, Intermediate and Practitioner with **.

A1, A3 & A5 all refer to Foundation, Initiation and Practitioner Archetypal Philosophy and Psychotherapy Study Courses held in Knysna. The theoria and praxis of these year-long workshops are only open for those who have completed previous studies and are already part of these classes.

Therapeia courses are on-going studies only open to colleagues who have already completed their A5 studies. Each of these courses is ‘stand alone’. Qualified persons may join at any time for any block.

19-22: *Mimir’s Well: An Introduction to Art Therapy. 3 days.
07-12: A5/1: Longing Speaks Louder Than Words: Body-as-Image and Erotic Desire.
18-23: A1/1: Moving to Wholeness: Psychotherapy and the Development of Self.
11-16: A3 /1: Dreaming in Blue: Creative Dialogues and the Memory of Consciousness.
04-09: Therapeia 1: Integration and Mediation: Psyche and Her Sisters.
18-23: A1/2: Working with Images: Dreams, Madness and Internal Dialogues.
26-01 May: A5/2: Shadow Speaks Louder Than Words: The Emotions of Images.
06-11: A3/2: The Waters of the Moon: Maya and the Mysteries of the Great Mother.
01-08: *Kadeisha 1: Tantra, Taoism & the Practice of Sacred Sexuality. 7 days.
11-16: *Kabbalah 1: The Work of Creation and the Circles of Time. 5 days.
25-30: **Therapeia 2: The Struggle for Beauty:  Eros, Pan and Aphrodite.
05-10: **Creativity 1: The Display of Imagination. 5 days.
24-29: Healing Circle: The Art of Body, Mind and Soul Work. 5 days.
29-03 Sep: A1/3: Identity and Intimacy: Addictions and Sexual Crises.
05-10: A3/3: Our Father: Masculine Paradigms of Violence, Sex and Religion.
03-08: A5/3: Dreams Speak Louder Than Words: Polytheistic Identity and Memory.
10-15: **Therapeia 3: Impossible Loves: Horror, Healing and Hades.  
21-29: *Shaman 1: Living the DreamingBody. 8 days.
04-09: A3/4: The Family That Preys Together: Mom, Dad, Oedipus and Incest.
11-16: A5/4: Silence Speaks Louder Than Words: Emptiness and Receiving the Divine.
25-28 * Divination: The Playful Heart. 3 Days.
28-03 Dec:  A1/4: The Soul Speaks: Pathology and the Therapy of Consciousness.
16-21: **Kadeisha 2: Bonding, Taboo and the Art of Sacrifice. 5 days.