the tamboo academy and radiant images workshops calendar 2019

Tamboo Academy & Radiant Images Workshops

2019 Calendar

All courses and workshops are residential in Knysna. Foundation workshops are entry-level courses suitable for curious beginners and advanced students. Intermediate and Practitioner workshops have entry requirements. Foundation workshops are indicated with *, Intermediate and Practitioner with **. A1, A3 & A5 refer to year-long studies in Archetypal Philosophy and Psychotherapy. These courses are only available for those who are already part of these classes. Therapeia courses are on-going specialist studies for colleagues who have completed their A6 studies. Each of these courses is self-contained. 



this is the calendar for knysna

24-27: *Mimir’s Well: An Introduction to Art Therapy. 3 days.
16-21: A1/1: Moving to Wholeness: Psychotherapy and the Development of Self.
23-28: A5/1: Longing Speaks Louder Than Words: Body-as-Image and Erotic Desire.
09-15: *The Hero Revisioned: Journey Without Goal. 6 days.
26-31: A3 /1: Dreaming in Blue: Creative Dialogues and the Memory of Consciousness.
06-11: ** Creativity 1: The Display of Imagination. 5 days.
13-18: A1/2: Working with Images: Dreams, Madness and Internal Dialogues.
30-05 May: **Creativity 3: Poetry in Motion. 5 days.
22-27: * Healing Circle: The Art of Body, Mind and Soul Work. 5 days.  
09-14: A5/2: Shadow Speaks Louder Than Words: The Emotions of Images.
18-23: *Kabbalah 1: The Work of Creation and the Circles of Time. 5 days.
23-28: A3/2: The Waters of the Moon: Maya and the Mysteries of the Great Mother.
03-08: A1/3: Identity and Intimacy: Addictions and Sexual Crises.
17-24: *Kadeisha 1: Tantra, Taoism & the Practice of Sacred Sexuality. 7 days
03-08: A5/3: Dreams Speak Louder Than Words: Polytheistic Identity and Memory.
17-22: A3/3: Our Father: Masculine Paradigms of Violence, Sex and Religion.
19-22: * Divination: The Playful Heart. 3 days.
22-27: A1/4: The Soul Speaks: Pathology and the Therapy of Consciousness.
02-07: A5/4: Silence Speaks Louder Than Words: Emptiness and Receiving the Divine.
16-21: A3/4: The Family That Preys Together: Mom, Dad, Oedipus and Incest.
14-19: **Kadeisha 2: Bonding, Taboo and the Art of Sacrifice. 5 days.