Many health shops now carry a range of excellent soaps. Or visit shops that specialise in Eastern goods. Indian ‘Mysore’ sandalwood is much sweeter than the Chinese ‘Bees and Flowers’ brand, which includes sandalwood, ginseng, jasmine and rose. Aside from the European fancy and usually expensive and over-scented soaps, there are many local ‘clear’ soaps that are wonderful. Cinnamon, ylang-ylang, patchouli, honey-scented and many more, there are dozens of flavours to choose from. Even ‘Pears’ and ‘Johnson’s Baby Soap’, available in all supermarkets, are quite acceptable. At least ‘splash out’ for a special soap for a special bath time. The problem with most commercial soaps is that they dry the skin out quite a bit. And different soaps react differently to individual people’s skin. This can be countered by using body oils or a basic, easily available body cream afterwards. Nivea, Ponds and Dove all offer inexpensive and great lotions. But everyone will have their own favourite.