Creativity: Imagination and Inspiration

“Since art therapy activates the imagination and allows it to materialise.. therapy by means of the arts must take precedence over all other kinds.. Only imagination can release us from obsession..” James Hillman

“The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct..” C G Jung

Creativity 1

Imagination and Inspiration


With a basic knowledge of Jung and Hillman, and accessing others in the fields of imagination and creativity, we discuss some of the fundamental ideas and philosophies around the processes of image formation, their conscious development and the possibilities of their creative expression. We are also interested in how these ideas influence the construction of memory and the evolution of identity and notions of essential nature.

The emphasis is on applying these ideas to creative activity. Understanding emotions as the sensate or bodily expression of primary images, our journey is to explore, find and give expression to our emotions. Employing colour, design, sculpture, pattern, bodywork, poetry and painting into our pictures, we deepen our experience of the movement of images from unconscious to conscious articulation.

We are able to unlock and more carefully witness the entire creative process, from initial inspiration, to its flow through numerous channels within us, into final physical manifestation. We are also mindful of how such expressions reveal us into the world, both to ourselves and in display to others. Our goal would be the attempt at authentic self-expression, our own unique ‘fingerprint’.

Psychologically, Hillman would add that there is direct value to paying attention to the images in this way. “Self forgiveness, self-acceptance, self love. The inner world not only begins more and more to take care of itself, producing crises and resolving them within its own transformation, but also takes care of you.” Through the work of imagination, we come to know what it means to make and to live a life with soul.

5 days. Knysna. Residential. Entry Requirements. Preparation. Homework.