Divination: The Playful Heart

The freedom to live fully comes from learning to think from the heart.
“We could all be mediums, and all have absolute knowledge, if the bright light of our ego consciousness would not dim it.” Marie-Louise von Franz

Divination: The Playful Heart


Looking for answers to the important and urgent questions of life is an ancient desire. In the earliest artefacts and the most ancient texts, we discover that humans devised many different methods to attempt to provoke or obtain a response from the powerful forces – the gods – that shaped their fate, so as to better inform their way ahead.

This workshop examines the origins, methods and meaning of all divinatory systems. Rather than promote any one particular divinatory system, the investigations focus on how such systems evolve, how they achieve their purpose, what they intend and what they accomplish.

Most methods of divination require some type of ‘play’, as a game with rules or ritual theatre. Moving pieces on a board, rolling dice, card games and even some ball games have their origins in divination. Playfulness, sometimes viewed as not very adult or productive, is also useful for our overall physical and psychological well-being. So we explore and apply various forms of play in developing a personal divinatory system.

Working with synchronicity, our own personal time is joined with the Eternal time of the gods. These creative processes are developed and their limits considered. With these insights, our sense of self-worth and enjoyment is enriched, in art, business, relationships and spiritual practices.

3 days. Knysna. Residential. Entry Requirements. Preparation. Homework.