Alchemy 1: The Marriage of Heaven and Earth

 Alchemy 1: The Marriage of Heaven and Earth.

The history and meaning of Alchemy. Western, Indian and Chinese traditions. Shamanism and blacksmithing. Mining and forging. Cloth dyeing, embalming, perfumes and cosmetics. Pharmacy and medicines. Symbolism, metaphor and literalism. Working personally as an Alchemist. Finding the Nigredo. Varieties of transformation. Gathering physical material, building an alchemic still and the distillation of elixirs and essences. Working with Fire. The alchemy of heat. Ritual purification. The Soror Mystica. The importance and variety of the Conjunctio. The unio mentalis and actualizing the Albedo. Astrology, planets and metals. Alchemy in the Bible. The Lesser and the Greater Work. The Renaissance, vanity and Western magic. Quantum Science, computers, virtual relationships and the control of Nature. Time and immortality. The Rubedo and the Philosopher’s Stone. Dialogue with the gods. The relevance of Alchemy in everyday life and in personal relationships.

Foundation workshop. Application regarding suitability. Homework. 6 day. Residential.

‘The body has to be spiritualized and the spirit must be incarnated. Both things must take place.’ M L von Franz 

Only that which has been properly separated can be rightfully joined.’ Paracelsus