depth usually means inner, downwards, katabasis, the descent to the chariot, the underworld, soulful

Depth Therapy

IMG_1379Individual Psychological Therapy is a treatment practice that addresses various concerns and ailments. These include any illnesses and all physical or emotional pathologies (whether these have an organic or a psychological basis), all sexual, relationship and intimacy issues (including loss of desire or function, paraphilia, sexual abuse and behavioural difficulties), abandonment and betrayal, stress, anxiety and depressions, addictions (including substance abuse, eating disorders, body dysmorphia, co-dependance and sex-addictive behaviours), work and money issues, emotional sensitivity or disorientation, loss and grieving, mental instability, loss of meaning, creativity interests, mania and imagination concerns, psychic breakdowns and breakthroughs, matters of faith and religious anxiety, ritual initiations and spiritual maturation.

After initial stability and psychological reorientation has been attained, which might take some time, the therapy is then able move beyond the ‘reductive’ phase, to investigate the mythic and poetic narratives that underscore the person’s previous ego-orientation and personality integration. With this perspective, the ‘Soul History’ of the individual now begins to assume a greater value and becomes therapeutically more relevant than the ‘Case History’.

The formal psychotherapeutic orientation of Tamboo is founded on the teachings of CG Jung as developed further through the Archetypal School of James Hillman and others.

Depth psychological therapy has been defined as “a course of treatment in an atmosphere of sympathy and confidence.. whose goal is the improvement (of the patient).. and the termination of treatment.”

Following the protocol of classical analysis, this involves regular meetings, with individual patients, face to face, at the therapist’s locus and for a fee. These procedures are not, however, rigid, and any of them may be modified or abandoned as the therapy dictates. Although usually between only two persons, if appropriate, such therapy might also extend to couples-therapy and family therapy.