Thoughts of the Heart

Cogito: A Conversation with Jung on Thinking

“‘You said, Dr. Jung, that you went to India in order to know yourself better.. You have said that the Hindu doesn’t think his thoughts, and I take that to mean that he doesn’t think with his mind, with his brain, but that his thoughts are produced in some other centre of his being..’

‘Your question is very interesting’ answered Jung. ‘I once remember having a conversation with the chief of the Pueblo Indians, whose name was Ochwiay Biano, which means Mountain Lake. He gave me the impressions of the white man, and he said that they were always upset, always looking for something, and that as a consequence, their faces were lined with wrinkles, which he took to be a sign of eternal restlessness. Ochwiay Biano also thought that whites were crazy since they maintained that they thought with their heads, whereas it was well-known that only crazy people did that. This assertion by the chief of the pueblos so surprised me that I asked him how he thought. He answered that he naturally thought with his heart.’

And then Jung added: ‘And that is how the ancient Greeks also thought.’

‘That is extraordinary,’ I said. ‘The Japanese, you know, consider the centre of the person to be in the solar plexus. But do you believe that white people think with their heads?’

‘No. They think only with their tongues.’

Miguel Serrano. C.G. Jung and Hermann Hesse. A Record of Two Friendships. p54. London.1966.