Therapist Chad Ehlers

Chad Ehlers

IMG_4688Chad has a B Com degree, and has worked as a senior project manager for international consulting firms for the past 20 years. Mythology fascinated him ever since reading Odysseus in his youth and imagining himself as the hero of such adventures. To this end, he is a scuba diver, mechanic, racing driver, pastor, pilot, fly fisher and armchair detective. His greatest achievement, however, is that he is adept at making ballet buns and pony tails for his two daughters.

His search for an authentic relationship with soul led to him becoming an Imaginal Therapist. Chad’s particular interests include the intricacies of sexuality and intimate relationships, the awkward dialogues with pathology, the creativity of self-expression through storytelling and the integrity of ritual in everyday living.

Chad works primarily in Amsterdam, Holland.

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