David Brodie

IMG_1201David has been fascinated by images since before he can remember. A Master of Fine Art led to museum curatorship and art galleries. Later studies in Archetypal Psychology have opened new senses with which to mediate the imagination of the world through shows at his gallery.

David shares his world time between exhibitions in Johannesburg, international art fairs and Biennales, and natural displays in the forest. His private time is spent meditating on the essential questions of life, including how better to serve his cats, how to practice yoga when it’s cold and how to make sense and keep the peace when his wife and the many persons in his head and his heart all talk at the same time.

David has a part-time practice as an Imaginal Therapist, co-facilitates workshops, and oversees the Men’s Table group in Johannesburg. He offers depth one-on-one therapy with a particular focus on men’s work, including pathology, eroticism, intimacy and creative expression. His particular interests include the study of psychological philosophy and the narrative between body, art, ritual and memory.

David works primarily in Johannesburg.

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