Therapist Jeannine Louw

Jeannine Louw

IMG_1508Jeannine has an eye for interiors. Years of experience have taught her to see creative and aesthetic possibilities in almost any environment and person.  She is an experienced Imaginal Therapist and balances her work in interior design and freelance journalism with taking care of her cats and garden.

Jeannine prefers to conduct her therapy sessions in relaxed, beautiful and creative environments. Sometimes this might take place sitting on the floor, or outside, while the cats command the couches and chairs. Which seems perfectly reasonable. 

Jeannine is an experienced therapist and teacher who specialises in adult 1-on-1 therapy. Her particular interests include depression, pathologies, relationships, image-based process work, aesthetics and dream analysis. Jeannine also regularly leads meditation groups in Cape Town.

Jeannine works primarily in the Kalk Bay area of Cape Town.

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