Therapist Jonathan Kingwill

Jonathan Kingwill

IMG_1284Jonathan enjoys working with bodies, his own and others. An engineering degree, followed by an MSc in environmental systems management, allows Jonathan to investigate the impact of environmental developments on spacial and social bodies and on the bodies of human beings who might be affected. After discussions with legal and religious bodies, he then negotiates his findings with political and financial bodies to find responsible solutions.

Jonathan is a qualified ConsciousBody and Imaginal Psychotherapist. He is a practicing Kadeisha and Yogi and is a qualified teacher of Yoga and Kadeisha. Jonathan works primarily with individuals and couples in one-on-one therapy and also in their physical and sexual evolution. He co-facilitates workshops in Knysna, Gauteng and Cape Town, as time allows. Jonathan sometimes answers questions with unusual gestures or interpretive dance and often says things that have no meaning in any known language.

His special areas of interest and experience include physical, energetic and sexual healing, Yogic and Shamanic breath techniques, dream  interpretation and image work, meditation and spiritual development.

Jonathan works primarily in Knysna, in the Western Cape.

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