Therapist Kate Hooper

Katherine Hooper

Kate is a practicing Imaginal Therapist. After completing a Social Work degree, Kate trained initially in couples counseling and family dynamics. Her dedication and study of Jungian and Archetypal psychology have allowed a more experienced dialogue and response to develop within herself, in her therapy practice and with the world. She frequently disappears into public libraries and often grins broadly for no apparent reason.

Sometimes like a juggler on a monocycle, Kate balances her vocation as a psychotherapist with her studies and client considerations and her love and responsibilities as the mother of two fabulous and accomplished young men.

Kate offers individual and couples sessions. Her special interests are family-of-origin wounding, co-dependency and empowered interpersonal dialogue. Kate’s commitment to image-work facilitates a depth in working with dreams, erotic imagination and creative processes.

Kate works in the Southern Suburbs in Cape Town.

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