Therapist Kirsten Haupt

Kirsten Haupt

IMG_2119Kirsten has made things with her hands from as soon as she could touch the world. Both craftswoman and artist, shaping food and imagination, colouring her dreams and her canvases, she has discovered she is also skilled at repairing what needs mending. After completing her degree in psychology, Kirsten was seduced into Archetypal Psychology as an appropriately creative and vital way to teach and practice therapy. She is often disorganised and believes her cat is a superior being sent here from the future.

Kirsten is a practicing artist, Art Therapist and Imaginal Psychotherapist. She runs creativity workshops and co-facilitates Women’s Dream Circle groups. Kirsten offers art therapy and individual archetypal therapy for adults and creativity classes for all ages.

Kirsten’s primary interests lie in the originality of imagination in story-telling, dream work, dance, plastic art and image-making. She draws on these dialogues to explore and transform loss, desire, relationships, identity and holy longing.

Kirsten works primarily in Knysna.

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