Therapist Leanne Logan

Leanne Logan

Leanne is an accomplished craftswoman and business entrepreneur. After completing her BA degree, Leanne developed her skill with handmade items to initiate women’s craft and self-empowerment projects in rural areas around South Africa. She oversees the training, product development and marketing of the craft produced. Some of this production is sold through Leanne’s several retail stores. Her daughter thinks that travelling about a lot is a grand adventure.

Leanne is a trained Imaginal Therapist. In addition to her practice as an imaginal therapist, she facilitates Women’s Dream Circle groups, oversees various women’s rituals and co-manages the Tamboo communities in Cape Town and Gauteng.

Leanne concentrates primarily on one-on-one therapy for adult men and women and for younger adults. Her particular therapeutic interests are relationships and co-dependence, parental and family dynamics, women’s creativity, mythological studies and artistic self-expression.

Leanne currently works in Knysna.

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