Mark Dobson

Mark was born old and has been growing younger ever since. It wasn’t one of those ‘old souls’ stories, just a guy who was grumpy and stubborn from a very young age. And ever since then he has grown more flexible, funny and fine as the years rolled along.

Mark has degrees in journalism and librarianship and works in the ordinary world as a specialist information manager at a diplomatic embassy. His ability for organising information for others is compensated by the disorganised and unmanaged aspects of his personal life, including practicing yoga, collecting obscure movies, reading about ideas on the origins of ideas, rambling outdoors in highveld thunderstorms, and especially the constant readjustments of sharing his home with his wife.

Mark is a trained Imaginal Therapist. He offers individual sessions and also co-facilitates the Men’s Table groups in Jozi and Pretoria. His areas of speciality include intimate relationships within a dedicated and ritual life, the mythologies of perversions and erotic fantasies within the context of an imaginal reality, the creativity of ageing and figuring out how to make supper interesting every night.

Mark was once heard to say ‘it may be possible to cure tobacco, but there ain’t no cure for love’.

Mark works primarily in Pretoria, Gauteng.

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