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None of us could fall so low unless we had great depth.” – C G Jung


There has been a fair amount of media exposure over many years for different aspects of the work. During the African Magic Project, a few of the dozens of interviews, articles and mentions though the 1980s and early 90s include: Business Day, Die Vaderland, Sunday Star, The Star, Fair Lady, Art and Design, The Flying Springbok and several television appearances, talking on African Art and Culture.

Personal writing on aspects of the ‘African Magic’ project include: Signature (magazine) ‘The Ancient Customs of the baTlokwe’ November 1990. Geo (German magazine) ‘Collecting African Art’ May 1993. ‘Beloved Burden’ Published by the Dutch Royal Tropical Institute under the title ‘Liewe Lasten, Hoe kinderen gedragen worden.’ Article on ‘Baby Carrying in Southern Africa’ Pub 1993. ‘African Birth’ By Beverly Chalmers, Prof. of Psychology, Wits University. Extensive collaboration with Professor Chalmers is generously acknowledged and quoted in the book. Pub July 1990.

There were numerous television, movie scripts and written articles, written by other people, that required oversight for accuracies regarding African Traditions.

Many National and several International Museums and Art Collections were supplied with significant collections of documented African Art. Amongst those who have received hundreds of artifacts: Wits University, Johannesburg (The Standard Bank Collection). Johannesburg Art Gallery, Johannesburg. Museum Afrika, Johannesburg. King George Museum, Port Elizabeth. KwaZulu National Museum, Ulundi, kwaZulu. Killie Campbell Museum, Durban. Pietermaritzburg University, African Art Collection. National Gallery, Cape Town. Chase-Manhattan Art Gallery, New York. Many private collectors nationally and internationally subsequently passed items documented by African Magic along to other museums and galleries, including to Germany, America, Japan and the UK, including the British Museum in London. 


Since the Tamboo and Kadeisha work began in the early 1990s, some of the media coverage includes articles or interviews: The Star, The Cape Times, The Cape Argus newspapers, Elle, Marie Claire, Style, Directions, Namaste and Chi magazines, address to the Women in Touch forum and radio and TV interviews on Radio 702, eTV, Cape Talk and Radio Lotus.

Aside from regular and on-going individual therapy work, lectures, workshops and teaching in Cape Town, Gauteng and Knysna, workshops and intensive individual work has been completed in Berlin, Vienna, New York, New Orleans, London, Scotland and elsewhere between 1995 and 2001. All were connected with Tamboo and Kadeisha teachings. Since 2002, the primary efforts of teaching and training workshops have been concentrated in Cape Town and Knysna.

Unending praise to God for all the manifest blessings and insight and for the privilege of doing this work. And great love and humble gratitude to my wise and steady wife, for the humanity of my children and to the many remarkable men and women whose love and support makes this imagination possible.

“Schaar Mitzva Mitzva.” As is known by the knowing.

The Phoenix