Therapist Samantha Taggart

Samantha Taggart

IMG_1208Samantha completed a BCom in marketing and paid for that folly with years of corporate work and sustainability marketing. Now she earns her rent through international market research with a small and creative company. Samantha has a part-time practice as an Imaginal Therapist, co-facilitates workshops, nourishes the Women’s Dream Circle in Cape Town and pays attention to community projects. Her personal time is dedicated to nature, poetry, gossip, friends, conversation, study and prayer. She likes to pull faces and laugh wildly, even though this has been known to upset nervous individuals. Small animals are curious about Samantha and often come up and sniff her.

Samantha focuses on individual therapy. Her near eye looks at natural body movement, relationships, confidence and mischief. Her far eye looks into shamanic madness, ritual living and sacred journeys.

Samantha works primarily in the Cape Town Central area.

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