Shaman 1: Living the Dreaming Body

This workshop includes both the ‘Introduction to Shamanism’ and ‘Shaman 1’ courses.

When we Live the Dreamingbody, we never have to fake the Sacred or imagine and hope that the Holy exists. When we truly surrender to Spirit’s way, then something happens. The Sacred reveals Itself. And it knocks our socks off! It is so much more than we could have previously imagined! We are overwhelmed by the appearance of the Holy and humbled by the Revelation. We understand that the real journey only begins when we find our heart.

Shaman 1: Living the Dreamingbody

This 8-day workshop begins with the concepts and implications of living with the Soul of the World.

First is learning how to listen authentically to Spirit. The next lesson is to differentiate background noise from the essential message. There are lessons in power walks, how to shape time and working simultaneously with different viewing points. Untumbling the teachings of Classic Shamanism, it is better to prepare for the inevitable consequences that accompany shifts of consciousness.

On the third day, sustained Shaman practice begins. Recapitulation and the erasing of personal history. Working with an Ally and Gaining Spirit Guides. The Shaman’s Horse and using Soul Songs. Preparation and accessing other realms. The Descent into the Underworld. Regaining Lost Soul. Facing Consensus. The Great Death Dance. How to move on an ocean of consciousness without an anchor. The Ascent into the Overworld. Living with Destiny and Purpose. Reintegration into Middleworld and Folly.

This workshop is primarily focused on direct and personal experiences of the Sacred. In addition to learning power tools and the body as Ally, the Recapitulation re-imagines attachments and responsibilities. Following the lessons in the Underworld, it is necessary for the confrontation of a Death Dance. That shapes the way forward and creates the openings to receive wisdom and guidance.

In this way, we come to understand the risks and rewards of what is being offered to us, what required of us, and what we will need to offer if we are to live in the place of the awakened and permeable psyche. Specific rituals, including breath, sound, drumming and movement sustain expanded states of consciousness. At the same time, we live amongst an ordinary group of like-minded fellow travelers. In this way, we build a bridge between the individual sense of self and an integrated ecological community.

8 days. Knysna. Residential. Preparation Homework.