Tamboo tygress a course for women

Moon Tygress*: The Women’s Initiation Series

My search for you, your search for me, is a search after something that cannot be found. Only the impossible is worth the effort. What we seek is love itself, revealed now and again in human form, but pushing us beyond our humanity into animal instinct and god-like success. The love we seek overrules human nature. It has a wildness in it and a glory that we want more than life itself.” Jeanette Winterson.

2022 Course:
The Sapphire Gate. Perceiving as Image. 25-27 February. Cape Town, weekend, non residential.
Seeing by means of an awakened mind. Washing the sustaining fiction of who one is.
The Ruby Gate. Moving as Image. 22-24 April. Cape Town, weekend, non residential.
Hearing by means of the sensualised body. Instinct, passion and the inhibition of desire.
The Onyx Gate. Dying as Image. 15-17 July. Cape Town, weekend, non residential.
Decay and surrender into the void. The dance of essences and the inertia of matter.
The Emerald Gate. Breathing as Image. 25-30 October. Knysna, 5 day, residential.
Beauty and return into an eroticised life. Love and the voice of the imagination.

Attendance across the full series is required. For details, and to book your place, reply to workshops@tamboo.co.za.

*Tygress: A fierce, independent and potentially dangerous woman, capable of both passionate loving and compassionate ruthlessness. From the Old English ‘tyger’, Persian ‘tigra’, Greek ‘tigris’.