About Breathwork


IMG_1406TranceFormation Breathwork© is a powerful technique of using breath, movement, music and other tools as a method of accessing expanded states of consciousness. The method is based in part on work originally pioneered by Wilhelm Reich and developed further by Stanislav Grof and his Holotropic Breathwork© method. TranceFormation Breathwork adds process-orientated interactive elements, used in Primal Therapy and the Process Orientated Psychology of Arnold Mindell as well as elements of the Conscious Breathwork movements.

In addition, elements of energy work of Western Healing and Eastern Reiki and crystals, essential oils and other energies are used if and when appropriate. These are blended with Native American and San (Bushman) Trance Dances and Tsonga Sangoma rhythms. Insights from the Kabbalah, Alchemy, Taoism and Tantra, are incorporated, as needed, to create a powerful synergy that will encourage and enhance the movement into expanded physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual awareness that focuses on the specific task of that particular Breathwork.

TranceFormation Breathwork is a unique and original system, weaving the best of ancient and modern practices, traditional and contemporary teachings. TranceFormation Breathwork is an extraordinary simple and powerful tool to rapidly move experientially into other planes of consciousness without using drugs, hypnosis, or electronic or other mind-control devices.

The music used in TranceFormation Breathwork has been selected from thousands of hours of careful listening and represents some of the most advanced creative sounds produced in the world today. From contemporary Trance to Buddhist, Sufi, Native American and Indian traditional music, including modern African and American rhythms, Alpha-Theta rhythms and recordings made in outer space by Voyager 2 and old Celtic or Japanese tunes, with familiar names like Steven Micus, Sandra Chandra, Kitaro, Lisa Gerrard, Vicky Hanson and Deuter, to dozens of artists who are more obscure, the sounds used represent the finest music available today to enhance our work

Many other methods of accessing altered states are also used in certain Radiant Images Workshops. These include TranceFormation Dance©, Creative Imagination, ConsciousBody© Movement, Conscious Dreaming, spontaneous artwork, drumming, Regressions and other techniques. Different workshops might use different methods in addition to Breathwork, but all initial-level workshops include a TranceFormation Breathwork© focussed on the work relevant for that particular workshop. In some of the more advanced Shaman workshops, held in remote regions, there are no “usual” Breathwork sessions. The advanced Kadeisha workshops teach and use different types of breathing and movement and more advanced pranayama and other techniques to shift consciousness.

TranceFormation Breathwork is contra-indicated for persons with a serious psychiatric history and those on some types of psychiatric medication, and for people currently using recreational drugs. It is not suitable for persons with a history of epilepsy, with existing heart conditions or (as a precaution) for pregnant women.

TranceFormation Breathwork is suitable for all reasonably healthy “normal” men and women of any age.