The Healers Cycle: Exploring the Mythology of Know Thyself

“Healing comes only from what leads the patient beyond himself and beyond his entanglements in the ego.” C G Jung

“Pathology is mythology.” James Hillman

The Healers Cycle

Exploring the Mythology of Know Thyself

The Healers Workshop is part of the A1 Foundation study course and is also open to other individuals who are interested in processes of healing.


The first matter to investigate is what is meant by ‘healing’, what are the conditions that require healing and how the transformation from suffering to well-being occurs. One intention of this study course is to encourage the development of a relevant system of healing that is personally appropriate for each student.

Taking heed of the teaching that “All healing is ultimately self-healing”, the practical work begins with attending to our own bodies and our environment. This includes understanding and the practice of ritual cleansing, and training hands and eyes in specific ways for use in healing work. Various massage techniques are explained and taught. Natural healing plants and remedies, using diet in healing processes, foods, essential oils, the potential of colours, crystals, sound and breath as adjuncts to healing are all discussed and evaluated and methods taught. Students begin to learn the theory and practice of developing a dialogue with pathology in the body and in the psyche and how this archetypal approach is essential to supporting all other modalities of healing.

These teachings and practices are then applied to the students own body-based processes. To know and work with any human, and indeed any other part of nature, it is necessary to begin first with knowing ourselves. So it is necessary to undertake a ritual journey into the ‘swamplands’ of despair, depression, guilt, addictions, loneliness, anger and betrayal. These personal experiences provide an understanding and instinctual awareness of what is required for sustainable healing to occur.

5 days. Homework. Practice. Residential.