“All healing is ultimately self-healing.”

The Healers Cycle

IMG_1439The ‘Healers Cycle’ is part of the A1  Training Course and is also open to suitable individuals who are interested in understanding the processes of healing.

We examine numerous ancient and modern healing methods and look at some important Eastern and Western models. We explore what healing means and how it occurs. An aspect of this study is to develop a workable, integrated and holistic system of healing.

We begin the practical work by learning how to prepare our bodies and environment. This includes various forms of ritual cleansing. Then we train our hands and eyes for use in healing work. This includes preparation, energetic healing methods, body balancing, different forms of massage, working with essential oils and crystals, developing seeing and learning to listen to and dialogue with pathology in the body and psyche.

We explore several body-based processes, including discussing Moreno’s ‘Psychodrama’, experiencing Gendlin’s ‘Felt-Meaning’ process and exploring the use and limits of Mindell’s ‘Dreamingbody’ techniques. Developed from these, we learn some practical methods of early-life regression, body-based dream expression and ConsciousBody emotional release work.

This learning is then applied to our own body-based processes. If we want to know our own wholeness and to be able to channel healing energy to others, it is necessary to first begin to heal ourselves. So we undertake an unavoidable individual journey into the ‘swamplands’ of despair, depression, guilt, addictions, loneliness, anger and betrayal. This personal experience provides us with the understanding and instinctual awareness of what is required for a sustainable healing to occur.

Intermediate level. Included in A1 Course. 6 days. Homework. Residential.