Anima and Animus: The Inner Lovers

”Every man carries within him the Eternal Image of Woman, an imprint or archetype of all the ancestral impressions ever made by woman. The same is true of woman; she too has her inborn image of Man.” C G Jung

Art of Intimacy: The Inner Lovers


Our capacity to do well in the world and have satisfying relationships depends on the success with which we can have a real relationship with ourselves. It is not an easy matter to understand ourselves, let alone understanding another person. The more we are able to listen to our own personal language, the more secure we will be in our living and loving.

This is not about being male or female, but rather about understanding our masculine and feminine qualities, and how both of these parts dialogue with each other. This workshop facilitates a direct experience these inner aspects of our whole self. Then we can bring them together in an inner union.

It is usually a great surprise to discover what these inner persons looks like and how he or she behaves. As we allow and encourage the integration of the different perspectives within ourselves, we arrive at a better awareness of our own sexual, emotional and creative needs. From this position, we are able to open ourselves to intimate relationships with ease and confidence. This is the foundation to satisfying, sustainable, healthy and realistic loving, within ourselves and in the world.

Residential: 3 day Workshop. Homework. Start Thursday afternoon. Finish Sunday midday. Non-residential: Weekend workshop. Start Friday evening. Finish Sunday evening.

cf: Lectures on Jung’s writings on Shadow and Anima/Animus.