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‘If you don’t get it in your body, you don’t get it at all.’

Focused Breath Workshops

Tamboo offers a series of one-day courses.

One group of these are the Focused Breath Workshops, each one exploring a different aspect of personal and spiritual development. Some address personal psychological issues, creativity, ‘romances and finances’ and pathologies. Most Focused Breath workshops take the form of lectures, discussion, preparation and practical work, centered around a specific theme, followed by a Breathwork session.

Other one-day work is attuned to specific rituals or ceremonial times of a year. It might be a religious chant for several hours or a sustained ecstatic dance. Some processes might only be relevant for certain groups of students.

All one-day workshops are powerful, transforming personal experiences that facilitate and encourage participants to open imaginal channels in their awareness. In this way, greater understanding and insight into deep and complex issues within themselves might be gained, within a context of support and facilitator experience.


Some Specific One-day Focused Breath Workshops