Shaman 1: Living the Dreaming Body

This workshop includes both the ‘Introduction to Shamanism’ and ‘Shaman 1’ courses.

Shaman 1: Living the Dreamingbody

This workshop is designed to explore the learning and theory of classic shamanism and the application of those teachings into direct experiences of living with the sacred.

There are discussions on traditional shamanism and its relevance in the 21st century. It is useful to examine and understand what shamanic consciousness is, and to distinguish ‘weekend’ pseudo-shamanism, and other entertainments from the more demanding experiences and ethical obligations of entering into dialogue with autonomous fields of awareness. 

Beginning with the concept and implications of living with the Soul of the World, theory and discussion are combined with practical skills. The first step is learning how to listen to Spirit. The next is to differentiate background noise from the essential message. There are practical lessons in power walks, how to shape time, seeing space and storing energy. It is better to be prepared for the inevitable consequences that accompany shifts in consciousness.

From the third day, sustained Shaman practice begins. Recapitulation and the erasing of personal history. Riding the Shaman’s Horse and finding Soul Songs. Preparation for and accessing other realms. The Descent into the Underworld. Regaining Lost Soul. Facing Consensus and the obligation of the great Death Dance. How to move on an ocean of consciousness without an anchor. The Ascent into the Overworld. Living with Destiny and Purpose. Reintegration into Middleworld and the power of Folly.

Recapitulation re-imagines attachments and responsibilities. Following the Underworld journey, and the recovery of Body as Ally, self-confrontation facilitates the opening to receive wisdom and guidance. In this way, we come to understand the risks and rewards of what is offered and what is required of us, if we are to live in the place of an aware and permeable psyche. While specific rituals sustain expanded states of consciousness, we live amongst like-minded fellow travelers. In this way, we build a bridge between the self and an integrated community.

6 days. Knysna. Residential. Preparation homework.