Relationships and the Self: The Outer Lovers

“Relationship.. has to do with the exquisitely tuned harmonics between two people who are attempting to become conscious of their personal psychology.. neither is attempting to possess the other, neither wishes to be possessed. The partners do not demand a ‘whole’ relationship, nor do they seek to be made whole by it; rather they value the relationship as a container in which is reflected the wholeness they seek in themselves.” Marion Woodman

“The unrelated human lacks wholeness.” C G Jung

Relationships and the Self

                       The Outer Lovers

IMG_1400Many of the difficulties that we experience in our lives are connected with relationships. This workshop looks at love in its various romantic and higher forms, examines co-dependency and examines the fear of commitment and what is required to sustain meaningful intimacy.

The workshop explores how each of us plays ‘the relationship game’ in our own unique way. We learn ways to develop our own sense of who we are and what we might need to extend our well-being, passion and creativity.

As we define boundaries for ourselves, we learn to create an appropriate bridge between our inner selves and our outer relationships. In this way we come to understand how to approach and sustain genuine intimacy and healthy loving.

3 (or 2) Day Workshop. Homework. Start Thursday (or Friday) evening. Finish Sunday afternoon.