Archetypes: Living Your Own Mythology

“It is a great mistake in practice to treat an archetype as if it were a mere name, word or concept. It is far more than that. It is a piece of life, an image connected with the living individual by the bridge of emotion.”..”The archetypes bring about the real events, and not our personal reasoning and practical intellect.” C. G. Jung

Healing Fictions: 
Living Your Own Mythology

Exploring myths, legends and fairy tales in an immediate and experiential way, this course is a ritual journey of self-discovery.

Through uncovering the stories that unconsciously shape our lives, an opportunity is offered to appreciate and creatively engage these patterns.

Jung’s test of Personality Types is applied to determine each person’s Ascendant function. These are the things you are naturally good at. This allows insight into the raw energy of the Inferior functions. These are often the places of personal struggles, where vitality lies dormant or suppressed. This is the theatre where each person must now risk an adventure.

First, discovering and understanding these different parts of ourselves. Then follows the integration and necessary interdependence of the fragments of who we are. This allows for a sense of playful self-acceptance and self-worth. By learning the language of archetypes and the mythologies that play through our lives, we come to appreciate the stories that sustain us and learn how to sing our song more joyfully.

Ritual. Guided Meditation. Active Imagination. Fool’s Dance. Process Work. Learning. Jungian Personality Test. Breathwork. ‘Aha’ moments. Storytelling. Laughter